Swiftway Global Cloud


Global Load Balanced Cloud

The Swiftway Global Load balanced Cloud offers your organization real time redundancy by continuously replicating data between two or more geographically diverse datacenters.

Using Swiftway’s Propriety SwiftBalance technology, visitors to your application are diverted to the datacenter location that is either the most close to their Geographic location or the amount of networks and routers that need be traversed between your visitor and the application.

Swiftbalance technology also actively monitors cloud, datacenter and application uptime and will route clients actively to other locations in case of outage, delays or problems with one of the platforms in the Global Cloud.


01 Powerful and Scalable and fully redundant on a Global scale
Swiftway Global Cloud lets you deploy or resize virtual cloud servers almost Real-time, just like our standard cloud offer. Build on Cloudstack, an open and scalable operating system.

02 The Technology
The Swiftway Global Cloud is an extremely versatile, secure and scalable platform build on SwiftBalance, Swiftscale, Cloudstack, Xen and KVM. Backups Available.

03 Backups Available
Swiftway provides 24/7 support with a guaranteed support response within 15 minutes.
Swiftway global cloud

Public Cloud highlights

  • 24/7 support with guaranteed within 15 minutes response time
  • Guaranteed 2.0 Ghz or faster cores
  • Elastic Storage allows real-time storage expansion
  • Based and build on Openstack and KVM technology
  • Backup by Swiftway Experts on Hand
  • SwiftLoop provides wire rate on network cards
  • Easy to scale, from one dedicated CPU core to hundreds of CPU
  • RESTful API allows you to integrate our cloud with your application or site

Swiftway Global Cloud
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