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What are benefits of on demand

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Dedicated Servers

within 2 Hours?

At Swiftway, on-demand dedicated servers means a guaranteed delivery of the dedicated servers within 2 hours. The instant dedicated servers come standard with KVM over IP build into the mainboard. This KVM over IP supports remote media, allowing you to install every operating system supported by the hardware remotely. All Instant Dedicated servers have built in hardware health monitoring functions as well as a remote reboot function in case your Operating System becomes non responsive.
Swiftway dedicated server solution is ideal for organizations that do not want to be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of hardware. This is an important issue for many companies as the useful life of hardware is constantly getting shorter. From a single web server to a comprehensive multi-server solution, Swiftway dedicated server hosting gives you the hardware and management services you need for a low fixed monthly fee
Our dedicated server solutions provide companies with flexibility because they can upgrade their hardware without having to re-invest a large amount of capital in new systems. In addition, as databases are increasingly being deployed on the Internet, many companies are creating dynamic content which requires both a dedicated web server and a separate dedicated database server.
We have numerous clients using such a solution. This multi-server solution enables corporations to implement such a setup without incurring large upfront costs. If your company is looking to deploy a large database driven site and you want to keep your costs down, then let us focus on the hardware while you focus on content.



While Swiftway dedicated servers meet the needs of a great many companies, we recognize that many organizations are looking to implement large-scale, multiple-server (enterprise) solutions, including large-scale application hosting. For companies seeking such a solution, we offer both Dedicated Multiple Server Solutions, Load balanced clusters (we supply the hardware), Cloud solutions and Colocation solutions (the client supplies the hardware).
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