swiftway metro ethernet

Swiftway Metro Ethernet is a dedicated point-to-point, and point-to-multipoint data service for big corporations and data centers. Metro Ethernet offers predictable performance over our network, eliminating issues like packet loss, latency and jitter. Head-end data aggregation further allows for point-to-multipoint connection with a single fiber or copper Ethernet connection at the customer main location. Up to 64 sites can be aggregated to one location, with the total bandwidth not exceeding 100 Gbit/s.

Swiftway Metro Ethernet

Metro Ethernet


DatacenterVLAN Safe and SecureSupport
Interconnecting offices and data centers intercity, interstate or even intercontinental using the standard Ethernet protocol.VLAN Transparency as VLAN configurations can be changed within the network without the need to coordinate with Swiftway.Safe and Secure, bypass the public Internet and transfer data safely and securely over our network.Quick quotes and contract processing leads to fast turnaround of your wavelength.
Layer 2 networkingEasy to scaleTrue protected Ethernet ringCompletely managed by Swiftway
Layer 2 networking - supports protocols other than internet protocol (IP).Easy to scale as Swiftway has a lot of unused capacity between locations.Redundant paths available to create a true protected Ethernet ring.Completely managed by Swiftway.
Ethernet customer interfaceAny-to-Any ConnectivityTransparent extension of your LAN.Dedicated Bandwidth.
Ethernet customer interface.Any-to-Any Connectivity.Transparent extension of your LAN.Dedicated Bandwidth.

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