dark fiber

During the boom years, carriers were predicting unprecedented growth on their networks, and new optical networking seemed like just the technology to feed the need. Carriers racked up debt as they spent billions of dollars in digging trenches and laying fiber. "Dark fiber" refers to fiber-optic cable that's already been laid, but is not yet in use. Thousands of miles of dark fiber are available, but there have been few takers because of the high costs of making it operational.

Dark fiber
If your company were to build its own global or national fiber network, the project would likely cost billions of dollars and take years to implement, an investment that would be hard to justify based on the networking needs of most companies. Renting "lit" or dark fiber from carriers like Swiftway is generally a cheaper, and therefore preferred, way to go.

Swiftway has access to thousands of miles of unused “Dark fiber”
using IRU (Indefeasible rights of use) agreements as well as
Leaseholds and fiber of partner-carriers.

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