Network Test

Swiftway Network Tests


Network Tests

Swiftway provides two different resources to test the performance of our network. If you feel the performance is below your expectations then please Let us Know and if possible, include a traceroute result for optimal troubleshooting.

Test IPsTest IPs

The below IP addresses are hosted on the Swiftway AS35017 network and can be used for ICMP PING, ICMP Traceroute and MTR tests.

Chicago, USAIPv4: speedtest-us-chicago.swiftway.netIPv6 2a02:748:b000:9::1
Netherlands, EuropeIPv4 2a02:748:b000:9::1
Bay Area, USAIPv4 2a02:748:d000::1

Chicago, USA


IPv6 2a02:748:b000:9::1

Netherlands, Europe


IPv6 2a02:748:d000::1

Bay Area, USA


IPv6 2a02:748:e000:1::1

Speedtest filesSpeedtest files

The below speedtest files are served from 1 Gigabit/second (1000 Mbps) connections. These files contain randomized data (no compression). Please be aware that other factors then our network quality may limit throughput, so we recommend to test this from various networks and at various times.