IP Transit AS35017

Carrier-class network across Europe and North America

Carrier-class network across

Europe and North America

Swiftway has worked diligently over the last 7 years to plan, design and implement a consistent “carrier-class” network across Europe and North America that follows the relentless geographic expansion of the Internet lead by broadband penetration around the world. Powered by Juniper and Cisco equipment and optimized using Noction IRP and BGP, only the most direct routes are chosen for efficiency. We use the best routes not the lowest cost routing


10 GE
6000 Gbps
3200 Gbps
speeds from
100Mb to 100Gb
70+ Network
50% average
Open peering
Reliable, high-performance multiple 10GE international network owned and operated by Swiftway
Over 6000 Gbps
internal network
Over 3200 Gpbs
external network capacity
Scalable connection speeds from 100Mb to 100Gb and beyond
70+ Network PoPs throughout North America and Europe
An upgrade policy at 50% average utilization between any two adjacent locations within the Swiftway network is in place
Open peering policy, Swiftway has an open policy within the industry and actively seeks to enhance the AS35017 network by peering with as many other networks as possible.

We offer a tier-2 IP transit service mix, consisting of approximately 55% direct peering routes with the remaining 45% made up of routes from carefully selected and monitored tier-1 and tier-2 global carriers.

Transit service mix

Swiftway IP transit offers high quality, fully resilient, scalable and affordable bandwidth, combining our wide choice of service locations with our outstanding connectivity to major access and content networks throughout the world.

Metro connections are generally carried over leased or bought dark fiber rings, which are divided in 40, 80 or even 160 waves. with our international backbone consisting of multiple dedicated 10Gigabit wavelength circuits from various cable operators. We will impress you with the quality of our IP transit services.


the major players

Swiftway is directly connected to most Major bandwidth providers. By using Intelligent Routing technology from Noction, we are able to measure packet loss, latency, throughput, historical reliability and maximum peer capacity of our peers and upstream providers. The Intelligent routing platform continuously computes the best performance and then announces the improved route to the Swiftway's edge routers via a traditional BGP session.

Many options
Many options
BGP or static routing configurationMulti BGP sessions on a single portOur network is designed to run dual stack IPv4 and IPv6Aggregate billing across multiple portBlack Hole BGP Community 35017:666 for DDOS mitigationMany BGP communities to fine tune your network performancePrimary / Secondary DNS


standard billing

We bill IP transit on an industry-standard scheme known as 95th percentile committed data rate (CDR) as well as a flat monthly rate with dedicated unmetered ports.

High Reliability
High Reliability
Fast Nodes: high end Xeon servers with 12 to 50 cores and 24 to 100 threadsOur nodes are powered with at least 128GB RAMDedicated resourcesOptional hosting control panelPowered by Cachecade SSD caching technology for faster I/O operationsAll Business nodes utilize RAID-10 SSD and SAS storage arraysEvery VPS comes with a Free ENOM account for easy registration of domains and SSL certificates
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