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Prices for wholesale IP transit service are declining around the world, but vast price disparities persist between carriers and providers. Carriers and IP transit providers, generally give discounts based on long term commitments as well as the size of the total commitments in bandwidth made.

Global IP Transit

Swiftway provides Global IP Transit from any of our Partner-suppliers allowing our clients a single point to purchase all their IP transit needs. Swiftway has long term agreements in place and we have committed to purchase vast quantities of bandwidth from our partner-suppliers. This allows us, to often offer your company a better value proposal then if your company would deal direct with the carriers.

24x7 Network Operation Center

Our 24x7 Network Operation Center has direct contact with our partner-suppliers Network Operation Centers, allowing your company to deal with our staff directly without any loss of service quality. On the contrary, many of our customers found that dealing with our Network Operation Center generated both faster as well as better results then when they communicated with the carrier NOC directly.

We provide IP Transit ports directly to the following Carriers and IP transit providers.
Carriers and IP transit providers.


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