peering policy

The Swiftway IS Ltd Peering environment

Swiftway IS Ltd, through its operating subsidiaries ("Swiftway"), seeks to peer (IPv4 and IPv6) its IP network with other Internet providers on a settlement-free basis. We do not require a signed agreement, but if you require a more formal agreement, contact us and we will make arrangements.
Requesting Peering With Swiftway

Requests for peering with the Swiftway network are handled on an individual-case basis. An ISP seeking peering with Swiftway should submit its request in writing by Email, providing a description of its network including such information as:
1) whether it has a single-country or regional network;
2) if regional, which countries are served;
3) in which exchange points the ISP has a presence;
4) a description of the type of traffic carried by the network.

Applications for peering should be submitted to

Potential peers will be contacted within a reasonable timeframe to discuss their requests. Networks that do not meet the requirements of the applicable peering policy but that are interested in Swiftway IP transit or Exchange services may also address their requests to In this case the subject line of the e-mail should indicate a need for sales assistance. The body of the message should include as many details as possible, such as location and telephone number, to expedite the redirect for assistance. Peer must have a professionally managed 24x7 NOC. Peer must agree to repair or otherwise remedy any problems within a reasonable timeframe. Peer must also agree to actively cooperate to resolve security incidents, denial of service attacks, and other operational problems.

No transit or third party routes are to be announced; all routes exchanged must be peer's and peer's customers' routes.

Neither party shall abuse the peering relationship by engaging in activities such as but not limited to: pointing a default route at the other or otherwise forwarding traffic for destinations not explicitly advertised, resetting next-hop, selling or giving next-hop to others.

Meeting the peering guidelines set forth herein is not a guarantee that a peering relationship with Swiftway will be established
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